Sunday, August 3, 2008


Melissa's house finally, FINALLY, closed on Thursday. I thought both of us were going to go gray in the process. It was more than two months behind schedule, and it wasn't her fault, my fault, or even the buyer's fault -- we were all dependent on third-party attorneys who never came through. (Click here for the basic background.)

In the end, Habitat for Humanity (who built the house in question) saved the day by paying the buyer $3,500 to close without a recorded easement and accept the property as-is, title issues and all -- AND they reduced Melissa's loan payoff by the same amount to make up for the hassles and extra expenses resulting from this. (Since the original closing date, Melissa and her family have been living with her in-laws, paying rent on top of mortgage for their empty house.) Habitat definitely will be receiving a very appreciative letter from me this week.

All that to say, Friday night Melissa and company were supposed to come over to celebrate and because we hadn't hung out since the park. But that afternoon she had to cancel because Thomas had family coming into town from Indiana, just for that night, on their way to the beach. Since I'd already bought all the food and had the baked beans ready to be cooked, we had a cookout anyway. Thanks to the usuals for coming through in a pinch. Special thanks to Amanda and Stephen T. (who got a promotion that day, congratulations!) for coming over even though they had to be up at 5:45 the next morning for work.

Yesterday morning Matt and I went to Raleigh to get an iPod adaptor put in his car, then we came back for a very low-key pool party at Bill's parents' house. When it started to rain we took showers and went to Vito's, then Matt and I came home and crashed by about 10 p.m. Today we have Granny's birthday lunch, then a quick house showing and yardwork, and then dinner with Matt's Mimi. I love weekends, just wish they lasted more than two days.

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