Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You can't earn your salvation ...

... But you can earn your vacation.

Work-related things I'm thankful for this week:

- Commission checks!
- All of the clients I'm working with are awesome
- Busy days make the workdays fly by
- New-construction closings are so simple
- I've learned a lot about log cabins
- I feel too productive to feel guilty about my new habit of cutting out early for the 4 p.m. CrossFit classes
- I feel too swamped to feel guilty about resigning from the United Way executive board
- Commission checks!

On the downside:

- I owe an overwhelming number of phone calls. (Most Enticing Voicemail of the Week Award goes to Lib, promising "the story of a lifetime." Lib and everyone else, I have NOT forgotten you!)

- Yesterday afternoon when Matt and I found out we wouldn't have to go to Raleigh in the evening because his car's repairs weren't done yet, I asked him if he wanted me to cook dinner. He replied, "Do you remember how?" Booya!

1 comment:

Ally said...

Congrats on the commission checks!! Very exciting! I've never had a job where I could receive those, but I have no doubt I'd like them:)