Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Three things

1. What is up with the temperature dropping 20 degrees over the course of a day? What began as a warm, sunny day has turned drizzly and gray and chilly and I am not wearing enough clothes. I went rifling through our supply closet and found an abandoned men's old-school Nautica jacket so now I am oh-so-stylishly warm.

2. Last night only five people showed up for Bible study so Meg taught us how to play Speed Scrabble. It was fun and addictive and I definitely played it in my sleep last night. In high school I went through a short phase of dreaming I was playing Minesweeper, too. Does this happen to other people?

3. I am having such a frustrating work week.

One of my closings is being held up because of a driveway that's over the property line. The next-door neighbor orally granted an easement, but he died before it was put in writing and recorded. After his death he was discovered to have a boatload of liens and judgments against him. Now his wife and child (who wasn't even born when he died) can't buy or sell or even, that's right, formally grant an easement without going through the court system, which of course is taking forever and is not cheap.

One of my sellers' contracts is being terminated today because the buyer just snapped. First she changed her mind about buying the house, then she started threatening about what would happen if she didn't get her earnest money back, and now she's creepily trying to track down where my sellers live (she was buying a house they'd been renting out). At this point, her own agent is overnighting all the cancellation paperwork back and forth from Southern Pines to Whispering Pines -- a 10-minute drive -- to avoid dealing with her in person.

Another buyer and friend who's been looking for the right condo for more than a year finally found it and planned to make an offer a few days ago. About five minutes before she was supposed to arrive at my office, the listing agent called to tell me the sellers had decided not to accept the new job that was the reason for the move so they were taking the condo off the market.

I'm trying to remember that all real estate transactions have their complications, and they always get worked out. In the scheme of things, these bumps never deserve the stress they cause.


Shannon Paris said...

First of all, I dream of scrabulous, I build words in my sleep, so I can totally relate. Second of all, I feel your pain, while I'm not an agent I do hear about all of the stress in the office and it makes me happy I have put being an agent on hold for now, good luck with everything.

Amanda said...

I used to dream of Tetris. Then it was Guitar Hero. At the moment I dream of trying to squeeze through small spaces that my head won't fit through. Go figure.

I am so sorry about all these headaches. You know you can rant to me anytime you want to! I will pick up and leave work and we'll go have midday cocktails!

Love you!

jennifer said...

I forgot Tetris! I used to dream about it too ...