Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have now been growing out my leg hair for something like three weeks and Saturday, the day of our waxing appointment, cannot get here soon enough. I just took "before" pictures of my leg hair but I am too embarrassed to post them.

I'm thankful the list is forcing me to do this. For the rest of my life I won't hate shaving as much if I know that, all things considered, it's better than waxing. Or maybe the waxing will last three months and I'll never go back to shaving (doubtful). Either way, at least I'll know.

I just cleared a lot of pictures off of my camera and am charging the battery in preparation for Dad's retirement party tomorrow. While going through the memory card I realized I never posted these pictures of the giant cigarette somewhere on Interstate 95. Amanda and I passed it going to and from Virginia last weekend.

I saved them in the same folder as my gross leg-hair pictures and labeled it "Disturbing Pictures."

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Amanda said...

Mom says your legs are nasty. Hehehe! It'll be so worth it!