Friday, May 16, 2008

Here's to you, Mr. Robinson

Sheriff Raymond R. Bell
Sussex County Sheriff’s Department
P.O. Box 1326
Sussex, VA 23884

Dear Sheriff Bell,

I’m writing to tell you how impressed my sister and I were with Deputy John Robinson (Badge #72) last Saturday. We were returning to North Carolina from northern Virginia and were singing at the top of our lungs, obeying the speed limit and generally minding our own business when a van passed us and honked its horn. “Your tire! Your tire!” the woman in the passenger seat frantically mouthed to us.

We immediately pulled over. Indeed, we had a flat tire. We called AAA. Unfortunately, we didn’t know where we were – we thought we’d seen signs for Emporia, but didn’t remember how far it was – and there was no mile marker or exit visible in either direction.

Just then, Deputy Robinson pulled up on the service road that ran parallel to the highway. We told him we were fine and had AAA on the phone but that we didn’t know where to tell them we were. The traffic noise made it hard for Deputy Robinson and me to hear each other so he said to sit tight while he got on the highway and found us. Before driving off he made sure we understood to stay out of the grass (apparently there are a lot of poison snakes in the area).

It’s usually not a good feeling to be on the side of the road with a patrol car behind you, but in this case we were really thankful. Deputy Robinson talked to AAA and told them exactly where we were and which towing company to call. Then he told us that he was going to wait with us until the tow truck arrived, so we could get back in our car and relax.

When the towing company arrived, only about 15 minutes later, Deputy Robinson told us he was going to drive us to the towing company. I have been towed before, and had to ride in the cab of the tow truck, so I thought this was especially thoughtful of Deputy Robinson.

Deputy Robinson was courteous and professional in every way and went beyond the call of duty for us. We want to make sure he, and you, know how much we appreciate it.

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