Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hair be gone

Despite my better judgment, here's a "before" picture of my legs. This was taken today, in Krisztina Kozmetika's lobby, so it documents probably the very hairiest moment of my legs' life.

The lovely Krisztina, after returning my legs to a state of non-repulsiveness.

Krisztina is wonderful. She's from Hungary and is so interesting to talk to, plus she does a fantastic job. Lib introduced me to her when we were still at Carolina. I have been waxed by someone else just one time since then (in Wilmington) and that was all it took to convince me Krisztina's worth the drive. Now, Amanda and I go a few times a year and make a day of it with thrift shopping, Trader Joe's and a good lunch on Franklin Street. Today was extra-special because Mom went with us.

Dad's retirement party yesterday was a huge success! It was incredible to see hundreds of people fill the cafetorium to thank him for his impact on their lives and wish him a happy retirement. I have tons of pictures and will definitely be posting them in a separate post, but not today, because I want to do it justice and I am out of energy right now. Check back tomorrow!



Lauren Greaves said...

dont let me forget to tell you my first and only wax experience

brandeedishner said...

I love getting waxed, but I hate growing it out! yuck. Brave of you to put pictures up. It is addictive though, now I am a regular bikini, half leg and eyebrow customer! Too much info? haha