Sunday, May 4, 2008


I think practically everyone who reads this blog has already seen me since the haircut ... but for the out-of-towners, here you go.

It doesn't look like this every day, but at least you can see the length. Every time I wash it I've been trying something different. I'm hoping one day I'll like how it turns out and then I'll stick with that. So far I've tried flipping it out, curling it under, just letting it be and (pictured) using the flat iron.

Many of you are concerned with how Matt is handling the haircut. For anyone who doesn't know, Matt is rather passionate and vocal about his preference for long hair on most girls. (I have seen his reaction to a drastic haircut bring one of my good friends to tears. I don't think she's cut her hair since.) The one other time my hair was short, I cut it at the beginning of the summer I lived in New York and he didn't see it until it had been growing back out for two months.

I have to give him props for taking it in stride this time. "The thing about hair is, it always grows back," he said when he first saw it. (Right after "What? What did you do?!")

He gets double-props, though, because I'm also in the process of growing out my leg hair so I can get my legs waxed with Amanda in two weeks (another item on my list). I have no problem getting waxed -- it's this part, being seriously prickly and confined to pants for three weeks, that horrifies me. I have shaved almost every day for years, since before we were married (largely thanks to a Dashboard Confessional song, but that's another story), so both of us are very used to my legs being smooth.

So, to summarize: I chopped off a lot of my hair. My legs are getting hairier by the day. And Matt's being a good sport. Thank you to everyone for your concern on his behalf.

P.S. I'm just using a hairband and a couple of hair clips for running, and surprisingly, it's short enough that it works fine.


Scarlet said...

i like it jennifer. very cute!!! :)


Katie said...

Super cute cut!

Gail said...

It looks great. Thanks for sharing the haircut. I really appreciate the picture of short hair on the head but don't share a picture of the long hair on the legs. Sorry, I just had to pick on you.

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, I had awful visions of what your hair must look like! It is so cute though! I love it!!! I can't wait to see it in person in two hours!

Ally said...

I like it. Thanks for posting the pic.

And that is exactly why I can't see having my legs waxed...weeks of growth required! And what's a bummer about waxing in that they sometimes miss a hair or three, and then you still end up having to shave. Best of luck to you though with the waxing endeavor.

jennifer said...

Thanks, people.

Ally, me too -- that's why I've never done this before, and I'll probably never do it again. But I'm thinking waxing will get most of the hair, and I'll just Nair off any stragglers once every couple of weeks.