Sunday, May 4, 2008

Party on the porch

I feel like we've practically gotten our money's worth out of our porch just in the past week! These spring evenings sure are the prime time to hang out with friends or a book and a glass of wine. It is so gratifying to hear all the bugs trying to get to you but running into the screen instead.

Last night we were going to have people over and cook out but since we were a little burger-and-hot-dog'd out, as well as lazy, we ordered pizza instead. All night, nothing made me laugh harder than when London discovered that spinning in circles makes you dizzy. And after that, nothing anyone did or said could make her stop. Please observe:

I know that's a long video, but it's all worth watching except maybe the last 30 seconds.

It's been a great weekend for chilling out. Friday night Bill scored us free tickets to a wine-tasting fundraiser (which was overcrowded but I am not going to complain about free wine and food), and then we went to the Jefferson Inn for a little while. Yesterday Christy was in town and Lauren and I got to have lunch with her while Matt cleaned the grill, made the treadmill stop squeaking and bought the stuff to stain/seal our deck. Which I'm sure we'll get around to soon.

This morning the Kirby crew went to the early service at Gran and Gramps' church to hear Gramps sing two songs with the so-called Medicare Quartet (it was Senior Citizens Day throughout Southern Baptist land, I think). After our church Matt played golf with the boys while I made a new Etsy frame on the porch and talked myself out of running. (I know it's perfect running weather, but a pint of strawberries and whipped cream and I just weren't feeling it today.)

When Matt got home I talked him out of running too. We've been out here on the porch ever since. I love it.

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Amanda said...

I laughed so hard through that video! Sometimes at London, sometimes at your laugh. Why do people even buy toys for kids? That is a cheap way to entertain them!!