Monday, September 7, 2009


All right, here are a few beach photos. Admittedly a little thin on action and reaction, but her ambivalence didn't give us much to work with.
She seems to spend a lot of time with this look on her face like she's just humoring us. Like she's just waiting for the day she can talk so she can explain to us what idiots we are. When that day arrives I'll have to admit I had it coming. I can hear Mom and Dad laughing from here.
I think I've decided this is the week to go back to CrossFit. The idea is terrifying -- I haven't forgotten those puke buckets and how necessary they seemed the first few weeks last year. Matt wants to wait until he's in better shape to go back, but to me that's like avoiding church until you've cleaned up your bad habits. I'd rather just jump in, painful though it will be. I miss it a lot.

Before I forget, click here to check out this article in The Washington Post about our friend Todd's band The Walkaways. I am not kidding when I say they have become one of my favorite bands. They are really, really good.

And now I'm off to start the first of several loads of laundry. Happy Labor Day!


Ken Loyd said...

I must confess, I was laughing out loud well before I got to the line about me laughing out loud.

Kaitlin said...

i love that baby's face. =)

Gail said...

Thanks for the pictures!