Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beach bums

Holy cow, I'm writing this on a phone. It's Matt's phone and this is mainly for his amusement. Hi, babe.

We've been at the beach for a great few days and are coming home tomorrow. We spent a grand total of about 20 minutes actually on the beach, enough for a Claire photo op. She went only knee-deep for lack of swim diapers but seemed to take it in stride. Yesterday we got to lay out by the pool for several hours while she napped beside us in her stroller. She also let us shop for four straight hours with barely a peep on Friday, and she slept 14 hours last night. It's pretty astounding.

This little phone is great and all but I think I'll be getting back to my book. I'm finally reading "The Poisonwood Bible." I bought it several years ago at a thrift store on the strength of its reputation, and had started it quite a few times but never could get into it. Then last week, on a friend's recommendation, I forced myself through the first chapter, and after that it's captivating.

P.S. Please overlook any typos. This screen is smaller than a Tootsie Roll wrapper. I checked.


Ally said...

Here's my attempt at my first blog comment by phone:). Glad Claire is such an obliging baby. I just finished by beach weekend read; it was good but such a tear jerker. Enjoy your Labor Day!

Gail said...
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Anonymous said...

I bought a cheap, used copy of The Poisonwood Bible a number of years ago and never even started it. Oops. I'll keep your comments on the first chapter in mind if/when I ever decide it's time to read it. :)