Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life is good

We sold the Acura yesterday and in cleaning out the console I found an old scrap of paper on which I'd scribbled some comments that tickled my funny bone and I didn't want to forget:

Matt: "We're living in an age of quarterback depletion." (re: fantasy football strategy)


Amanda: "Well, if their hearts aren't growing warm, their voices are growing husky." (re: Christian romance novels)


Me: "Thank you for getting me this chapstick!"
Amanda or Mom: "I didn't get it for you, I found it in the couch." (I remember this exchange taking place in the hotel on our New York trip, but I don't remember which of them said this! Amanda and Mom, do you?)


I want to extend major props to Mom for going to a yard sale this weekend where she noticed they were selling Bum Genius one-sizes for $10 each, a great price (plus a boatload of other cloth diapers and accessories). She called me and Amanda and I ended up buying five for $6 each, so I now have 16 and am done. With these extra five I will keep washing a load of diapers once a day but now I can line-dry them, saving on electricity, plus keep one or two in the diaper bag at all times.

The first 11 I received as gifts, so these are the first diapers I've bought (except for disposables for babysitters) so our out-of-pocket expense for diapers for Claire is $30. Boo-yah!

Check this out: The mirror hanging over our fireplace (which Dad rescued from the dump, gave to me, and I painted) is featured in an Etsy treasury right now! This doesn't really mean anything, it's just cool.

Matt beat me in fantasy football this week by 2.5 points because I stupidly overmanaged my team and benched Tony Romo, who exceeded all expectations to get something like 22 points. Grrr. Next time, husband ... next time ...

I think I mentioned we're going to be listing our house next week. Because of that we cleaned out the garage this weekend so potential buyers will understand it can be used to park cars as well as store junk. Matt has decided, and I must agree, that our handy-dandy manual lawn mower will not be joining us at future homes, now that it's been replaced with a loud, gas-guzzling version of itself. So ... anyone want to claim this thing? You can read about its merits here.


Ken Loyd said...

Mom thinks she's the one who found the chapstick. And no (surprise), I don't think I want the lawn mower. What a great eclectic post!

Ally said...

Life is good.

Nice work with the major diaper savings!

Kaitlin said...

you did not mention you were listing your house. details please!

Melody said...

Great job on the diaper savings! Use what you WOULD have paid and put it towards her college fund!

Oh, side note, for you and your sister, Harris Teeter should be starting triple coupons tomorrow... a rumor I heard... :)

Anonymous said...

That line about Christian romance novels is great! Thanks for reminding me why I don't read them. :)

Amanda said...

If you don't have anyone else claim the mower, we would like it! Stephen actually was enthusiastic about it! But we certainly don't need it, so let others have dibs on it first.