Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wedding bells

We spent the weekend in Baltimore for Todd and Rhonda's wedding and it was very fun indeed. Months before Claire was born, as soon as we knew the wedding date, we asked Mom and Dad about keeping Claire so we could get away by ourselves that weekend, and they graciously and courageously didn't back out on us.

We got to Baltimore in time for a late dinner Friday night, and Saturday it worked out that we met up with Todd, Sallie and Steven and some D.C. peeps we hadn't seen in a while for lunch and a little meandering in the beautiful Inner Harbor area. (Maegan and Lee were stuck in traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue; Scott and Katie probably weren't out of North Carolina yet.)

The wedding was outdoors at Gramercy Mansion in an absolutely gorgeous, secluded setting. Rhonda was radiant and Todd was Todd. I mean that in a good way, of course. :) Likewise, Scott was Scott (their journey to Baltimore was a predictable comedy of errors and they actually missed the wedding -- which I called on Friday, thank you very much).
The reception was fun and afterward Sallie, Steven, Maegan, Lee, Katie, Scott, and Matt and I went back to the hotel where we were staying and proceeded to hang out until 3 a.m. Those of you who are spring chicks might not think this is a big deal, but to me it was. It has been forever since we got to hang out with that crowd without someone having to duck out early because of kids or a long drive home.

After a post-wedding brunch on Sunday we headed home and the trip seemed to take forever, as trips home always do. I was surprised that I didn't miss Claire as much as I was worried I might. It helped A LOT that I knew Mom and Dad were spoiling her rotten and that she was being good for them (reportedly). Once she gets to the age where she's old enough to realize we're gone but not necessarily to understand we're coming back, it will be harder to leave, so I'm glad the timing for last weekend worked out so well.

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Ally said...

Yeah for a weekend get-away! I think it's great when couples make the time to spend together without their children, and I'm glad your first weekend away from Claire was a success.