Monday, September 28, 2009

Another week, come and gone

Last week was crazy busy -- I think tonight is our first free night since getting back from Baltimore. But it was full of good stuff. Small group started; Brooke and Johnathan found a house; Meg and I got to have a crack-of-dawn Bojangles breakfast with Lauren W., visiting from Omaha; and Matt and I did some late-night decluttering as part of our ongoing effort to get the house ready for listing. Maybe that will actually happen this week. Maybe not. Either way, Amanda's having a yard sale at our house on Oct. 10 (our neighborhood and the one across the street are hot spots for yard sales), and I plan to sell or give away as much of our household excess as possible that day too.

Also, Claire was baptized yesterday! Our families came over for a cookout after the service, and although I neglected to take pictures, I'm so glad Ron got some great ones of Claire with her three great-grandmothers.
I got my hands on a free Sunday newspaper (N&O) last Monday. I enjoyed reading it bit by bit all week long, and it got me back on the fence about whether we should subscribe (right now we don't). On one hand:

a) Spending the bulk of my days in the company of an oh-so-sweet but illiterate 2-month-old, combined with a serious aversion to TV news (with their anchor banter and cutest-pet segments -- don't get me started), has rendered me so ignorant of major world and national events that I can't fully appreciate "Weekend Update" right now.
b) I'm not a big fan of online news; I like to hold a newspaper in my hands, trade sections with Matt, cut out articles that remind me of people and stick them in the mail, do the crossword puzzle, use the Sunday comics for wrapping paper.
c) The newspaper industry needs all the support it can get.
d) Coupons come in the Sunday paper, and I would like to think I'll use them.

On the other hand:

a) It is entirely against my nature to pay for something I can get for free (online).
b) The main time I can read for fun, at least in this phase of life, is while breastfeeding, and books and magazines are more manageable with one hand than newspapers are.
c) Every time I've ever had a newspaper subscription, they inevitably pile up and I end up hurriedly reading three or four days' worth of old news in one sitting every week or so.
d) Coupons come in the Sunday paper, and if I don't use them I feel guilty.

Thoughts? I think I might compromise and subscribe to just the Sunday paper.


Ally said...

How much does a Sunday only subscription cost? That would weigh in my consideration, and like you, I'd only want the Sunday paper--it takes me all week to read it! I'd also feel better if I could recycle it.

Renee said...

We started with just the Sunday paper and then they had a special to add 2 other days for the same price. We now get Fay Observer 3 times a week for the same price. I rarely read it but Tim does. I want the sale papers and coupons.

mae said...

Hey Darlin,
I feel the exact same way. Here is my compromise: I buy the Sun paper at Walgreens. Its $1.50 there (for some reason) which is about the same price as getting it delivered Sundays only. Although its a bit less convenient, I only buy one when I have finished reading the week before AND need the coupons. If I don't read it, OR if I have plenty of coupons for the time being, I don't buy one that week. Hope that helps :)

Sallie said...

Yes Sunday only would be my vote, until you are into the next phase of life and can have a leisurely, read the paper kind of morning. :)