Monday, October 5, 2009

101-things update

The great pizza-slice debate. Have I written about this before? If so, I apologize, but it came up again while we were laying sod last week, and it's killing me.

Picture a slice of pizza. If someone told you to take a bite from the top of it, would you bite at the pointy end or at the crust? Please leave a comment with your answer and whether you're male or female.

The rest of this post is a draft I wrote a full month ago but apparently never published. Oops.

I just gave a much-needed update to my poor neglected 101-things list. Since I started this project way back in November 2007, I've come to see that some of my items were way too ambitious (becoming fluent in Spanish), way too ambitious as well as entirely unnecessary (memorizing the location and name of all the world's countries, capitals, mountain ranges and bodies of water), or simply so unappealing that I've decided not to try (going vegetarian for two weeks).

Others are hard to measure (do I genuinely like and understand football? Am I truly confident and competent when parallel parking)? How do I treat the item about trying every class at the gym, when I no longer have a gym membership? I didn't plant a tree for Arbor Day this year, but last year I planted 10; can I check it off my list?

I've erred on the conservative side, not considering things completed if there's any doubt. But awhile ago Matt went through the list and declared I was being too strict. I may not have gone through my closet one particular time and done a massive clean-out of clothes that don't look good on me, for example, but I do this on a smaller scale every few months, so the effect -- a closet full of clothes I actually like and wear -- is the same.

So with the full support of the person whose job it is to keep me honest, I'm checking off:

11. Get published in a non-local magazine
28. Learn to really understand (and like?) football
58. Make a list of all the words I still don't know how to pronounce and look up their pronunciations
59. Go through my closet and donate all the clothes that don't look good on me
61. Keep a maintenance log when I get a new car

(I'm not quite convinced I'm a confident parallel parker. If I were, I'd know for sure, right?)

That puts me right around the halfway point. Several of my freebies, such as finishing my Clinique Happy Heart and memorizing the 12's times table, are still not done, but they will be. I'm very optimistic about others, such as visiting someplace with a whole lot of snow on the ground (BURLINGTON! OMAHA!) and getting rid of my toenail fungus (I found out about a pill you can take, but I have to wait until I'm done breastfeeding). And the ones that, in retrospect, were ridiculous to include (learning shorthand), I'm comfortable writing off as a reason to donate to World Vision -- my punishment, per No. 100.


Kaitlin said...

yes, visit me!!

i would take a bite from the crust if i were told to take a bite from the top of the pizza. duh. :P

claire is too cute. =) my how time flies.

Kaitlin said...

p.s. Vinny says he would also take a bite from the crust of the pizza.

Ally said...

If someone said "take a bite from the top," I'd most likely ask them what they mean because I'm a dork and don't know what that means. Otherwise I'd just pick up a slice and eat it however I want.

Libba said...

If I were asked to take a bite from the top of a piece of pizza, it'd be from the crust end. I picture eating a piece as starting from the "bottom" or pointy end and working my way "up" to the larger portion. Female.

Anonymous said...

The TOP? I'd eat all the cheese. :) Actually, I'm with Ally -- I wouldn't take any bites until I clarified which end they were referring to.

Oh, and for the record, I've more or less abandoned my 101 Things project. So sad. :(

~Lottie-Dah said...

without much thinking I would take a bite from the pointy end, cause that's the way I roll ;) and what do the blue butterflys on cars mean? I missed that post...
and I'm a girl.

Amanda said...

1. I LOVE CLAIRE!! I'm going to devour her at dinner tonight.

2. Crust.

3. I'm glad you're not abandoning your 101 list. I've got to tell you something about mine!!!

4. Hopefully tomorrow night will help with #10 (Establish a grocery-shopping, coupon-clipping system that works for you.)

Bill said...

The top is the point, NOT the crust. We are Americans that do things Top to Bottom, Left to Right. Which would mean that since people starting eating a slice of pizza from the point, that would say the top is the point.

Lauren Greaves said...

Paul says the top of the crust. I say the point.

Brooke and Johnathan said...

Why do they call them "toppings" if they aren't on the top of the pizza... I say the top of the pizza is the part with the toppings, cheese, etc. I realize that's not what you're getting at, but the question clearly is unclear. And, if the top is only reserved for the pointly end or the crust, where does that put you starting to eat a square pizza?
If I'm eating a round pizza, I eat my pizza pointy end first, which is technically the middle of the pizza. (female)

-- said...

In my female opinion the crust is the top, my husband says the top is where the cheese and toppings are, it would be interesting to see a person take a bite that way, I guess you would have to fold the slice, haha.

As far as the fungus, get some tea tree oil, I had been fighting a really bad toe nail for the last few years and took the medicine the doc prescribed and it didn't work, the tea tree oil worked like a charm.