Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Couponing seminar

If you read Amanda's blog you already know she has mad money-saving skills. After four people in three days mentioned they'd love for her to teach them her secrets, I volunteered her to give a couponing seminar at my house. Although she protested that she's no expert (ha!) she graciously agreed and last night was the big night.
It went GREAT! We all hung onto her every word, took copious notes and shook our heads in amazement for two and a half straight hours. She covered everything from rebates to price books to e-savings to shopping strategies to coupon organization. She had other thrifty tips, too. She suggested using rags instead of paper towels for cleaning, gently ordered us to stop drinking bottled water and made a strong case for buying generic when you don't have a coupon.
She even explained how to never again pay for toothpaste (and I got my first free tube this morning!).Only Claire was less than enthralled, but due to the cuteness factor we excused her.
Amanda, thank you sooo much for all the information and inspiration, expertly presented without condescension. I love you!

And Lauren G., Meg, Carrie and Brooke, thank you for coming and participating with such gusto. Love all of you too!


Ally said...

Claire has grown so much!

Love money-saving ideas and in-home training by a friend. I use old washclothes for cleaning and cloth napkins instead of paper towels. I just throw them in with towels and voila.

Kaitlin said...

wish i could have been there! i could use those sorts of money savings skills as a grad student.

mae said...

oh my goodness! amanda has to have an encore preformance and include the hemphill girls!!

lauren said...

I am SO mad I was not invited to participate via conference call.


But, I still love you!

Sallie said...

Claire is too cute in her she asleep? I am so intimidated by coupon people, I struggle just getting in and out of the store at this point with 2 kids but hope to one day become more frugal....