Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday, Monday

I have a lingering cold that's driving me crazy! It started rolling in on Thursday and was in full force by Friday. I seriously never get sick -- and I know a cold doesn't count as sick -- but I'm ready for this to go away. My throat hurts, my nose is raw, my head feels like it's floating somewhere way above my body. Matt's being really sympathetic considering that the way I feel is essentially the way he felt (because of allergies) every day of his life until he started taking five medicines a day last year.

Matt's birthday was Saturday and we just kept it low-key with dinners Friday and Saturday. Jacob was pushing hard for a surprise party but I would have been sleeping on the couch for a month. Every year I love Matt's birthday because it makes me feel young for the next nine months.

Besides that, we had a really relaxing weekend -- movies, football, final Christmas decorating, church, books borrowed from the community college with our shiny new free library cards. Qualifying was as simple as showing our driver's licenses. The college library's hours are better than the Southern Pines library's, as is the selection -- we have free access to 47 other community colleges' collections. We got an enthusiastic tour from the librarian and free oranges from the library director. There's free wi-fi, a reading room and an art gallery. Plus, it's only about 10 minutes from our house.

I'm getting close to checking off No. 3, "For all of 2008, send a snail-mail birthday card to everyone I love." When I was making my 101-things list I almost wrote that as "an on-time snail-mail birthday card" but thank goodness I didn't. If you have a November birthday and I didn't get to see you last month, your card is in the mail today. If your birthday was months ago and you haven't received a card, please let me know ASAP so I can send it out. And I'm sorry for any oversights. I've done my best this year but I bet some people have slipped through the cracks.

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Gail said...

We are one the libraries listed on the Sandhills Community College. Feel free to come visit us. I'll show you around, but I can't promise you a free orange.

Ken Loyd said...

Wow! Your gushing endorsement of the Sandhills College Library would put So. Pines Library right out of business if they were commercial enterprises. Sounds like a great solution to your heart-wrenching dilemma.

Ken Loyd said...

I hope you'll never again lock yourself into sending birthday cards to EVERYONE you love. As far as I can tell, you love EVERYONE! Of course, my real problem is that I'm always scared of who or what I will leave off my list! I admire your goal-- GO FOR IT!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the community college library staff are really great! :)

Kaitlin said...

tell Carrie that she looks beautiful!!

jennifer said...

Gail - I figured you were one of them. Three cheers for community college librarians!

Dad - "Everyone I love" was a terrible choice of words. Next time, if there's a next time, which there probably won't be, maybe I'll go with "close friends and family."

Rachel - Yes! They definitely love their job!

Kate - I know, she's so beautiful, and a great mama too.

BDish said...

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