Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting better all the time

I'm feeling much better today. I haven't blown my nose once and the sore throat's gone, though I've acquired a cough.

Possibly the only thing less interesting than hearing about someone's nasal congestion or lack thereof is hearing about her dreams. Nevertheless I'll tell you that this morning between the first time the alarm went off and when I actually got up I dreamed I was at a big table with a bunch of physicists who were discussing string theory and I was panicking because if someone tried to involve me in the conversation I wouldn't have a single word to contribute. (I have had some weird dreams lately.) I knew Matt would love that string theory's floating around in my subconscious, even though I really have no idea what it is or means, and he did.

Last night the usuals came over for tons of fried chicken and the Panthers game. I am so glad I can finally enjoy fried chicken again. For years, like more than a decade, after high school anatomy I couldn't eat chicken on the bone, even though it used to be my favorite food. It only got worse once I started cooking it myself and dealing with the blood and guts (yum!). Somehow, I was able to overcome all that enough to start eating it again this summer.

Today's such a nice day I feel guilty that I didn't make time for an outside run before it got dark. Being stuck on the treadmill is just awful, but at least I can usually find an episode of "What Not to Wear." I love that show although I never watch new episodes. I hate to think how far I might have come with learning Spanish by now if I'd stuck with listening to Pimsleur on the treadmill. Argh.

Which reminds me, have y'all been to the blog Stuff White People Like? I heard of it a long time ago and then Lib reminded me of it the other day, and No. 115 is "promising to learn a new language." Most of the site is absolutely hilarious.

Riley picture of the day


Anonymous said...

What a sweet, beautiful picture! :)

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Sallie said...

I can't eat meat off the bone either... and the picture of Riley is beautiful!

Kaitlin said...

I love that blog - Stuff White People Like - it's hilarious!