Sunday, August 17, 2008


I love watching the Olympics! They make me so proud to be an American. When I was a little girl I desperately wanted to be a great gymnast, but it was not in the cards. I wasn't coordinated or graceful and my body type was all wrong. After a year of lessons I hadn't progressed far beyond the cartwheel. I can still do a perfect cartwheel, though ... for what it's worth.

In CrossFit last week I found that I can climb a rope. I hadn't tried anything like that since I climbed a flagpole in elementary school. I love CrossFit because every single day is different.

Some girls from CrossFit came to London's birthday party last night. I love to mix groups of friends. For whatever reason, Matt is always wary of doing so, but it usually turns out fine or great. Last night it was great. (I particularly enjoyed the part where the girls dominated in flipcup.)

I wanted to give London a Sit 'n' Spin for her birthday. We all know she loves to get dizzy. It turns out they are very hard to find. Lauren G. found the Twist 'n' Turn online, and it seems to be the same thing. There are a lot of good toys on that website, actually. I will be perusing it for Baby Niece Kirby soon. We ended up giving London a moon lamp and assorted body art (tattooes, stickers and stamps). Next year, Sit 'n' Spin.

Friday night I hung out with Amanda. She made three (!!) kinds of cheesecake (strawberry, cherry and chocolate) and we dyed her hair. She should have been more nervous than she was about letting me near her hair with bleach. She's a great sport and I loved how it turned out.

Today we've just bummed. We actually slept until 10 this morning because we didn't set an alarm and it was dark and storming all morning. We went to Bojangles for lunch because I am slowly reacquiring my taste for fried chicken. It used to be one of my favorite foods, but I haven't eaten chicken on the bone since high school anatomy, until a few weeks ago. It's so delicious if I can just keep my mind off of what it is. If I learn to like football and fried chicken (again) both in the same year, Matt will probably want to renew our wedding vows.

Sorry this is such a scattered post. Matt is watching "Dexter" as I write this and it is disturbing yet compelling. Kind of like fried chicken.

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Kaitlin said...

i totally wanted to be a gymnast, too! and i can also do a perfect cartwheel, nothing more. i tried learning a back handspring once and i fell on my head. ouch. but how much fun was it to jump in those foam pits?! let's do cartwheels sometime! i love doing many in a row at the beach. =) p.s. we need to hang out soon - running?