Monday, August 18, 2008

Five things

1. Three boys in our neighborhood showed me a hole in the fence dividing our neighborhood and the one behind it. I have looked for such a hole and, not finding one, even thought about making one myself. Thanks to a few fifth-graders playing War in our back yard, I now can run to the Southern Pines greenway trails and, best of all, the reservoir (it would be a long run, but doable, if I ever get out of this running funk). Score.

2. Over the weekend I found two lottery tickets in a book I'd bought for a quarter at a thrift store last week. I was really excited -- thought maybe some very generous person who values thrift had won the lottery and decided to give the surprise of a lifetime to a fellow thrifty soul (me). Sadly, the tickets were bought in 2004 ... and a quick visit to revealed that winnings had to be claimed within 180 days ... so no go.

3. This morning I was sisternapped. I love Amanda!

4. Over the weekend we met one set of our new neighbors (the houses on both sides of us just sold). After about three minutes of small talk, they told us that their last next-door neighbor had threatened to kill them, and then killed himself. Not sure what to make of that.

5. I am finally more than halfway through with "Anna Karenina." It's really a great book, just so freaking long -- 850ish pages of about eight-point font -- and I've read the first 100 pages several times but never endured to the end. This time I'm determined not to open another book until she's jumped in front of the train.


Shannon Paris said...

Totally off topic, but congrats on Etsy sale #3, I have yet to sell one piece of my jewelry!

Ally said...

850 pages? 8 point font? If a book was a super easy read, I could do it good?

Ken Loyd said...

Are you SURE that your new neighbors's old neighbor's death was a suicide?