Monday, August 11, 2008

All over the place

When Friday night finally rolled around I was feeling pretty unsociable. No good reason, but I was not in the mood to hang out with a big crowd of people, even people I love. Instead I wanted to put on pajamas, order pizza and watch episode after episode of "Weeds," which had just arrived from I wasn't in the mood to think, talk or be particularly pleasant.

Matt, however, was feeling more sociable than I was so we went to Carrie and Jacob's for a cookout ostensibly in honor of Johnathan's beginning trooper school this week but actually for the purpose of obsessing over fantasty football.

Have I mentioned that I'm playing in Matt's local league (he also is in one with his college guys) this year? I hate football but I'm trying to learn to like it, which starts with understanding it. Not only is this one of my list items, but I have come to realize that Sunday afternoons and Monday nights for the foreseeable future will be more enjoyable if I like football.

(Check out what I was writing about just over a year ago today. Funny.)

So far, the most interesting part has been trying to think of a team name. No luck yet. But I did spend some time on yesterday afternoon. Apparently this whole draft thing doesn't have to be nearly as complicated as Matt makes it -- all of the players are ranked, and there are dozens of articles about strategies for filling out your roster. I'm actually getting kind of excited about it and since the guys gave a coveted slot in the league to me -- a total novice plus a girl -- I'm determined to make a respectable showing.

So, back to the weekend. We went home on the early side Friday night, and got lots of sleep, then Saturday we slept in, drank lots of coffee on the porch and then went to Charlotte for Jorge's 30th birthday party. We didn't spend the night, but we did get there a few hours early so we could hang out before the party. Good times, Armentas! We love y'all.

Sunday evening we finally got to do the pajamas/"Weeds" thing. We watched the first six episodes (30 minutes each) and grazed on a week's worth of leftovers. I also spent some time cleaning up my iTunes and compiling some playlists other than just the running mix now that Matt has the iPod adaptor in his car.

Right now I'm trying to convince Matt that we should go to the beach with Meg and Drew for any 24-hour period between now and Thursday, when they're coming home. I thought there was no chance (because Matt has a busy week) but then Drew left Matt a pretty funny voicemail last night that may have turned the tide ... my hope is renewed. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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