Friday, August 8, 2008

Birthday books

My birthday's in less than a month, and that means it's high time to use the gift cards I was given for my last birthday. Before Sept. 3 I'll be splurging with other people's money at Bath & Bodyworks, Pier 1 and Belk. I'll also be getting a pedicure.

Yesterday after lunch Matt and I kicked things off with a little used-book shopping at the Given Book Store.

I couldn't believe my high-quality bounty for $20:

- My two favorite Anne Tyler books, "Ladder of Years" and "Breathing Lessons." I already own both of these but I'm always giving them away so I buy them whenever I find them cheap.

- "On Agate Hill," Lee Smith's newest novel and her only one I haven't read and don't own.

- "The Stone Diaries" by Carol Shields, my favorite book of the moment. I wanted to run out and buy it as soon as I finished it at the beach (I had borrowed it from the library) but I knew I'd eventually run across it used, and I was right. I did a little dance when I spotted it.

- Three more books by Carol Shields that I can't wait to read. One, "Happenstance: Two Novels in One About a Marriage in Transition," seems especially enticing. It's the story of a marriage told twice -- from the wife's perspective and then from the husband's perspective. Or vice versa (I don't know which order I'll read it in).

- A Strong's Bible dictionary (Matt wanted it).

THANK YOU, Mom and Dad!

P.S. I would like to clarify that just because I'm only now redeeming last year's gift certificates does NOT mean I don't like getting them as gifts. In fact, they're one of my favorite things to receive (click here)! But I always seem to take forever using them because I don't keep them in my wallet, so they aren't with me on an everyday basis.


heather said...

Happy Birthday Girl!!!!When is your birthday and how old will you be?

jennifer said...

My birthday is Sept. 3 and I will be (drumroll) 29!