Sunday, July 6, 2008

Beach highlights

- "Jump on it! Jump on it!" every hour on the hour, or whenever Lauren G. had a hankerin'
- Finally using up last year's fireworks and not having to buy more
- Wearing beads and glow-stick bracelets on the beach for the fireworks show
- Having little kids come up and ask us if they could buy some
- Thinking for a second that Lauren was going was actually going to charge them
- Knowing that next year she probably will
- Georgio's pizza after the fireworks
- No roaches in our condo even though they were everywhere on the ground floor
- No drama whatsoever*
- The Brie squeak
- "Love ya mean it"
- No sunburn
- "If you had to eat an insect, what kind would it be?" etc.
- Lauren in a Tag Heuer watch and a Bass Pro Shop hat, reading [censored]
- Terry's honeybun cake
- Ocean water that was a perfect temperature
- Going out to the sandbar and trying to bodysurf
- One fully stocked cooler for every 4.5 people
- "Stephen, Stephen, he's a handsome man his name is Stephen ..."
- Highs-and-lows group bonding every evening (thank you Bill!)
- Couples bocce tournaments
- Air mattress mania
- Paul being tucked in and promptly faht-ing
- Evening runs through nice neighborhoods I never knew existed
- Wearing our beads and glow-stick bracelets out to dinner on July 5 as well
- A schedule of 10 a.m. wake-up, 2 p.m. lunch, 9 p.m. dinner and 3 a.m. bedtime
- Reading Carol Shields' "The Stone Diaries," by far the best book I've read in a while (you'll like it if you enjoyed "Fair and Tender Ladies," by Lee Smith)

What am I missing?

I'll post pictures soon. The one at the top is just to whet your appetite.

All in all, this may have been my favorite July 4 beach trip ever. Although I AM STILL SAD THAT CARRIE AND JACOB BAILED ON US!

I LOVE you people!



Katie said...

sounds like so much fun! glad you guys had a good time!

Lauren Greaves said...

The best.

Amanda said...

I am REALLY glad that I turned my sound on.

I don't believe there is a chocolate river in Hershey. There is a chocolate spa, though, where you can bath in chocolate. Just as good!

Lauren Greaves said...

so i guess i am that gullible to believe that a chocolate river runs through the town of Hershey. I just pictured it to be like Willy Wonka! sad.

jennifer said...

At least you know how to pronounce "endocrine."

Ally said...

Honey bun cake sounds interesting. Yeah for your good weekend!