Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tackle box ... or Caboodle?

Matt and Stephen went fishing Monday night. The last time Matt went fishing, it was with his Gramps and Jacob and Stephen at the reservoir, about two decades ago. Stephen is just barely more experienced. So we spent more than an hour at Bass Pro Shop Sunday night buying -- first things first -- a $15 fishing pole for Matt (the cheapest one they sold), a Bass Pro Shop hat AND shirt for Stephen, plus fishing essentials like bait, hooks, weights and orange gloves that allow you to avoid touching the fish you catch.

Stephen also bought this tackle box.

(Am I the only one who realizes that a tackle box is just a Caboodle in ugly colors?)

Anyway, they caught a sandshark and threw it back in after this picture:

Our week was fanTAStic and I have a ton of pictures that I'll get around to posting eventually. It took me a week to write about last Monday's fishing expedition but I'm sure I'll be a better blogger and overall Internet addict now that we're back in town. I really couldn't be any farther behind on reading and responding to emails, reading the news or reading blogs, so things can only improve.

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