Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Thursday

Uh-oh. I screwed up April NaBloPoMo on Day 2. It probably wouldn't have lasted anyway, considering my schedule this month, which includes such fun and time-consuming things as: New York trip with Mom and Amanda! Weekend in Pinehurst with college friends! Greenville, S.C., trip with Lib! I love having so much to look forward to.

Every year of Matt's life, pollen has given him fits, but since he finally went to the allergy doctor last year and has become religious about taking the medicines she prescribed, the pollen this week has hardly fazed him. He keeps bringing up how well he can breathe outside despite the yellow coating on everything. Although he refuses to eat lunch outside this week, not wanting to tempt fate, but I don't blame him.

Here are two emails that made me smile this week.

The first, from Dad. I mentioned to him that I was looking for a chair to decoupage, and within the span of 24 hours he had found not only a perfect chair in the garage but a heavy beveled-edge oak-framed mirror at the dump. He emailed last week to tell me I could pick them up whenever, and I wrote back to say it would probably be after our Georgia trip. He replied, "They are secure, inside the garage, where nothing has been stolen except one car. Love, Dad"

(When I was in sixth grade or so, one night it was raining really hard and apparently someone walked down our driveway and stole Mom's car, which I think probably had the keys in the ignition. The car was found soon after and all was fine. A month later it was missing again. We reported the car as stolen shortly before realizing we had driven it to the neighbors' the night before and then walked home; it was in their driveway.)

The second, from Gail: "I sometimes share your blog with my boss. The one on grammatical mistakes was so helpful, I shared it. Just a few minutes ago, my phone rang. There wasn't a hello or hi when I answered. All I heard was my boss saying, 'Tell me again about the rule for "who" and "whom."' Doesn't it make you feel good to know you have helped someone today!!! Love, Gail"


Lucy said...

The story of the stolen car is priceless :)

Your Dad sounds sweet. How nice of him to find a chair for you to decoupage. I found one at a yard sale last year for 1.00. It's a heavy office chair that would be perfect for an art project. I just haven't had the time to mess with it yet.

jennifer said...

My dad is THE sweetest man. You have no idea.

Have you ever decoupaged a chair? It seems like it's going to take forever. The only reason I'm doing it is because I put it on my "101 things" list -- I don't even know why. I think I'm going to paint the base and just decoupage the seat part.