Friday, December 5, 2008

You are the

Thank you to everyone for the flood of comments and emails in response to yesterday's post! I often think about the proverb that "shared joy is a double joy (and shared sorrow is half a sorrow)" and all of you are proving it true.

A special thanks, too, for cumulatively leaving me more than 20 comments (and counting) on that post! You guys can take the credit for my checking off No. 94, "Write a blog post that draws at least 20 comments, even if I have to beg."

The baby blog address is I'm also linking it on the sidebar for easy access. I won't promise to update it as frequently as I update this blog, because pregnancy-wise there isn't a lot to say right now beyond "I'm tired ... I'm tired ... still tired." I suppose that will change, though.

Again, many thanks for the vicarious joy (Dad's phrase)!

P.S. The daily baby Riley has returned!

1 comment:

Ally said...

There are so many posts already on the baby blog! Nice work.

Riley is precious.