Thursday, August 14, 2008

Take me off your list

Thanks so much to everyone in my e-mail address book who has decided that junk mail companies, telemarketers and professional spammers pushing cheap Viagra left too much of my time unwasted.

I am grateful, friends and acquaintances, for your thoughtful, intelligent e-mail forwards.

Without them I might have remained blissfully unaware that Obama refuses to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Mexicans illegally working in the United States will soon collect Social Security benefits and an egg can be cooked by placing it between two activated cell phones. Yes, thank you indeed!

Next time, please check before hitting "send." Or take me off your list.


Amanda said...

Great post! I applaud you!!!

P.S. If you would just boycott Mobil and Exxon gas, the gas prices wouldn't be so high.

Kaitlin said...

people still send that stuff? I thought that was so middle school. I totally agree with you!

Renee said...

Great soapbox!!!

Ken Loyd said...

Bravo. But people that don't read your blog will continue to assault you with more of the same.

Ally said...

I cannot get over how dumb some of the forwards are. It takes common sense and/or a 30 second Google search to determine the falsity of most of these.