Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lunch with an old friend

Today must have been the busiest day in recent history for me. For 12 solid hours it was one thing right after another right after another. That is a GOOD thing but also exhausting. I even had to cancel my run with Kate -- sad. I'm sorry, Kate!

In the middle of the day I was shocked and happy when Carrie put a message on my desk saying I'd just missed a call from my old friend Katherine (aka Kacey). She was in town just for today and we got to meet for lunch 15 minutes later -- at Chick-fil-A, of course!

(I told Katherine we would probably see five other people from high school at CFA. As it turned out, we saw only one, but I'd seen the same girl at CFA last time I ate there -- Fridayish. When that girl saw me she said, "You eat too much CFA." Well, yeah, and ditto!)

Back to Katherine. We were BFFs as soon as she transferred to my school in fifth grade (she was part of the flower power club). When we got to high school we gravitated toward somewhat different groups of friends, but we were always pretty close. She reminded me today that she's the reason I entered that dreadful beauty pageant. (Wow, that picture makes me shudder EVERY TIME.) I don't remember this, but apparently she really wanted to enter that pageant but didn't want to do it by herself so she persuaded me to join her.

Even though we ran mostly in different circles during high school, we were both part of a group of girls that referred to ourselves as the GNOs -- because we made a point of getting together for regular Girls Nights Out. A few of us have been talking about having a GNO reunion ever since the 10-year reunion last fall. Only three or four of us live around here now, but several others have family here and come back pretty regularly ... I think we will make it happen soon. I hope so!

Having lunch with Katherine also allowed me to check off No. 88 from my list -- "Have lunch with three high school friends with whom I haven't really kept up." Thanks to Facebook, we're less out of touch than we might be after 11 years of not seeing each other, but she definitely still qualifies. I'm really glad you called, Katherine!


Ally said...

Yeah for Facebook (and checking things off your list too)!!

r8chel said...

You know you eat too much Chick-fil-A when you affectionately call it CFA. ;)

Thomas said...

I love it when old friends look us up.