Sunday, July 27, 2008

Junk drawer

We made it back from Washington -- I guess that was obvious from yesterday's post. We spent a lot of time in the car for a short trip, but it was worth it. The show was incredible. The opening acts were great, as was Todd's band, who did a double-encore. Today Matt pointed out that I was singing one of their songs without realizing it, so I guess that means they've arrived. Seriously, the new CD is really catchy.

We came home Saturday and on the way stopped at IKEA for our first time. I liked it more than I expected. Everything was cheap but priced accordingly. We almost bought this bookcase (we are always in need of more bookshelves) but when we realized it came in three boxes, would be a hassle to fit in the car, and would require a lot of assembly once we got home, we decided our overflow books can stay in boxes for the time being. I've been very slack about going to yard sales this summer but if I set out to find a good bookshelf I bet I'd find one.

I was on nursery duty at church this morning and was surprised to find myself bored. We had fewer kids than usual and most of them were content to entertain themselves. Which put me in the position of walking up to a group of 3-year-olds and saying "Can I play with you guys?"

It is so nice out tonight! I really appreciate the fact that even though we have neighbors pretty close behind us, you can't tell it at night. There are all kinds of night noises, no traffic, no lights, and I can sit out here on the porch and pretend I live in the middle of the woods.


Lauren Greaves said...

Uncle Ron has that bookcase x 6 or so. I'm a fan of Ikea -- guess we will have one soon in Charlotte??

Kaitlin said...

unrelated: i have a book you might be interested in. i'll try to remember when i see you later!