Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Junk drawer

Without a doubt, one of my favorite things about the location of our office is its proximity to the downtown park, because usually when Melissa and Lauren take their babies there they call me and I can walk over for a nice hangout session.

Tomorrow is the beginning of our long-awaited New York trip! I'm so excited. Mom has never been and I cannot wait to see her expression when we first glimpse the skyline. I was hoping to leave my laptop behind since there isn't free Internet access in the hotel, but because of some loose ends with work I think I'm going to have to bring it.

When, a couple of years ago, I was deciding which laptop to buy, weight wasn't even a consideration because I thought I would never travel with it. Wrong! I end up lugging it along on almost every trip, and I take it home with me at night more often than not. Weight will definitely be a factor next time I'm shopping for a laptop.

Yesterday my car died twice WHILE I was driving it. The first time I was just driving along and all of the sudden I realized the gas pedal wasn't working, so I tried to pull off the road, and I couldn't really steer or brake. Luckily, I was going uphill so I stopped anyway. After I sat for a few minutes the car started again and seemed fine.

About six hours later, I was backing out of my parking spot at the gym and it suddenly died in a very inconvenient position -- blocking about three other cars from getting out of their spots. It wouldn't start back, so Matt came to pick me up, but just as he got there it did start and we drove it straight to the service station. I hope it isn't an expensive fix, because I think my car's too old and used to put much money into, and although a new car would be nice, I'd rather not spend the money right now.

I'll probably blog at least a little from New York, but if not, I'll be back at it this weekend.

P.S. Happy birthday, Kaitlin! I'm sorry I didn't get to see you today. Hope you enjoyed your day off!


ScarletBates said...

and it is just weird that we were talking about your car yesterday and it's issues... love you jenn.

have a blast in new york for me!!!

**hugs** and we will have to lunch again soon!!


Lucy said...

hmmm...maybe something is wrong with your fuel injection system?? Perhaps something is clogged. LOL...like I know what I'm talking about.I need to marry a mechanic. My car is always giving me hassles!

Have a great trip!

Kaitlin said...

thank you for the birthday wishes jennifer! i'm sorry i didn't get a chance to stop by the office. hopefully soon we can rendezvous over some coffee!!

jennifer said...

Scarlet -- you're right. It broke down IMMEDIATELY after I dropped you off (at the reservoir entrance). If it hadn't started back, I was going to walk back to your apartment!

Lucy -- you sound like you know a whole lot more about cars than I do. I have to call the mechanic later today, so I'll let you know if your assessment is correct. :) By the way, if you need a great, cheap, trustworthy mechanic, you should check out Eastwood Service Station on 15/501. My whole family has been going to them for years, and they are wonderful.

Kaitlin -- I'm so sorry I missed you on your birthday too! Now I really need to see you because I got you something small and really cute in NYC, plus I have been owing you "Prep" forever. I could run Thursday or Friday, or maybe we could do coffee Saturday morning?