Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend update

Stoneybrook was Saturday. It was MUCH warmer and MUCH wetter than last year. All week long we'd been watching the weather forecast and hoping it would clear up, but it didn't look promising. On the way to the race I said to Matt, "I know it's supposed to rain in Pinehurst, but did you check the radar for Raeford?" -- where the race is held now. He replied, "This system stretches from Florida to West Virginia." Sure enough, it rained.

BUT we must have been living right, because we arrived to find that our tailgate spot was next to a tent -- and the people who had reserved (and paid for) the tent never showed up! For the first three hours or so, every time another car pulled up to the gate, we were sure they were coming to reclaim their tent, and Jacob led us in choruses of "Oh, no!" Finally, it was obvious they weren't going to come, so we unloaded all of our stuff under it.

Without the tent, I don't think we would have made it all day. We had raincoats and umbrellas, and it wasn't cold (until I got soaked), but it was really raining. The tent made all the difference.

I think overall attendance was the lowest I've seen, but our group was composed of rock stars. At the top of the rock-star list are Lauren and Paul, who came bearing not one child but two -- 18-month-old London and two-week-old Dylan. Amazing! Dylan slept through most of it and got passed around and around, and London ran in circles outside of the tent like a wild woman who couldn't get enough of the rain and dirt. Or cookies and Doritos.

I only took a few pictures, and they aren't that great -- we're all so wet! Somehow, I seem to be the most soaked, though.

This picture is of our tailgating neighbors' spot. There was a $200 fine for bringing your own tent (as opposed to renting the official Stoneybrook-approved one), so they improvised with an umbrella city.

Christy Christy and me

Me and Lauren -- as I said, she's the resident rock star.

Me, Tara, Betsy, Lauren and Amanda

Baby London and Betsy
We went home at 4 p.m. or so, exhausted, and slept for two hours before semi-pulling ourselves together to go to Mark and Jordan's reception. I wasn't looking, acting or smelling my best. As soon as we got there I realized I had nacho-cheese Doritos stains on my fingers. Shortly afterward, Jordan's mom came up to me and asked if I realized my sweater was on backward. The highlight, though, was when one of my toenails fell off. This occasionally happens to me from running, but I guess the shoes I wore last night put that toenail over the edge.

I didn't take my camera last night so these are the only pictures I have (swiped from Emily's Facebook).

Emily, me and Amy

Emily and Carrie

The bride and groom, Jordan and Mark
We left around 9 and watched the Tar Heels' disappointing Final Four game against Kansas, and then we crashed, because I had to show a house this morning before church.

This afternoon after lunch at Granny and Granddaddy's, Matt and I finally organized our garage and can now park in it -- well, one of us can. It was quite an undertaking, and there's a huge pile of trash at our curb now. Then we went to Pier 1 and bought $60 worth of candles and air fresheners with gift cards that were going to expire later this week. I think we're all set for a good-smelling home for quite a while.

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