Sunday, October 9, 2011

Z is for zoo

Our day at the zoo was awesome. The weather was perfect, Claire's excitement was contagious and Evan was all giddy too even though he didn't know what was going on. We're so lucky to have the North Carolina Zoo less than an hour away, in Asheboro.

The pictures are less than awesome, because I took our el crappo camera instead of the office's nicer, bulkier one, but no big deal. Enjoy!

Note that her feet are not touching the ground. I have a dozen pictures like this.

(Almost) always smiling.

There was an "elephant tracking" helicopter -- just as exciting for Claire as the elephants.


He was so tired, having missed his morning nap, but such a good sport.


Sweet Tea Mama said...

We went there last weekend! It was so fun. We only made it through Africa. Did you see the baby chimpanzee? So cute!

Lauren G. said...

Do you think Matt and Paul will wear green t-shirts until the end of time? (precious photos btw!!!)