Saturday, October 8, 2011


We took the kids to the zoo today -- had a great time, even though according to Claire her favorite animal was the rhino, which we didn't get to see -- and Matt and I are leaving in a couple of hours for a little dinner par-tay.

Have I mentioned we've decided to bite the bullet and start hiring babysitters? It's the only way Bible study is really feasible for us this year, and the babysitters have it made -- basically they're getting paid to put Claire to bed (Evan's usually down before we leave) and then be a warm body in our house until we get home. Last week we had the babysitter come early and Matt and I squeezed in dinner together before Bible study. Plus, a babysitter is a better option than family for things like this party tonight, because I feel guilty if we stay out too late when grandparents are babysitting at our house for us.

Three cheers for babysitters who are trustworthy, charge "whatever you want to pay me" and have a driver's license.


Amanda said...

Recommendations please!! We were just getting ready to put an "ad" out on Facebook for babysitters. We've had just a couple of date nights since BRIANNA was born and we're ready to put a stop to it. All our reliable youth members are in college now and too far away. Help!

Katie said...

Would love to talk to you next weekend about what you pay. I'll send you a great blog post I read about babysitting. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!