Monday, October 10, 2011


I am in major procrastination mode. I have an article due at the end of this week. Once I get started it will be fine, but I have a hard time starting. I planned to sit down and knock out a chunk of it this afternoon while Mom and Dad had the kids, but instead Matt and I went to Aberdeen and spent two hours overanalyzing and second-guessing the layout of our new house.

We pored over those plans for two months, but once we saw the living room framed, we agreed it needed to be totally changed. The good news is that the new layout means the only spot for a TV is over the fireplace -- good because that means a new, smaller flat-screen TV.

Neither of us loves the idea of a TV hanging from the wall, but it really is the most unobtrusive option with the revised layout. We should be able to recess the TV into the wall and build some sort of cabinet that we can close over it when it's not in use. And we can hide the components behind cabinets in a nook between the living room, dining room and kitchen that will also house either built-in bookshelves or a dry bar.

I could make this a much longer post -- I am so excited about our new house, lot, neighborhood and next-door neighbors -- but I seriously need to get cracking on this article.


Ken Loyd said...

What a fright! Your title had me thinking you were having second thoughts about Nablpomo. We look forward to your daily posts! Thank goodness it was JUST the house. Also, I am SO proud of you for your correct usage of "pored." In the past two years I can't tell you how often writers for The Pilot and the N & O have mistakenly used "poured." Pet peeve.

Kaitlin said...

I'd love to see the floor plan of your bungalow/arts & crafts inspired house. I'll have to share mine with you -- but I have to draw it first!

Jennifer Kirby said...

The only plans I have scanned are the first version from a few months ago, and a lot has changed since then, but I'll email them to you or maybe just put them in this post. I'd love to see yours too -- your house is SO CUTE!