Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two firsts

I'll be darned if I'm going to ruin NaBloPoMo now. I have to type fast to beat midnight.

Today I called Poison Control for the first time. After my shower, I walked into our bedroom to find Claire sitting in the desk chair holding an empty tube of toothpaste and looking guilty. Yes, she ate it, and you should have smelled her breath -- breathtakingly minty.

Thankfully, it was just a sample size that Matt had gotten at the dentist a few days ago, but the tube said to call Poison Control or seek medical attention if a child younger than 6 swallowed more than the amount used for brushing. I have never heard of anyone dying of toothpaste consumption but I also didn't feel like I could in good conscience ignore the tube's clear instructions. So I called and they said there wasn't nearly enough fluoride in the amount she ate to be dangerous, and they didn't treat me like an idiot for asking, which was a nice bonus.

The only bad part is that after our conversation I had to give them Claire's name, my name and our phone number. So now I'm probably in some database of negligent parents. Seriously, why did they want that info? I need to Google that -- but not tonight.

I'll mention another quick first from today, since I still have four minutes to spare. Matt and I made homemade potato chips and WOW. I can't even imagine why we haven't been doing this for years. So easy and so delicious. I only wish we'd had more than three potatoes that needed to be used. Try it, you'll like it.

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