Friday, October 28, 2011

Plain Jane

It came down to the wire but I just finished "Jane Eyre." It finally got interesting on page 346 (my version has 407). I would NEVER have read the whole thing except for book club (tonight). And I'll never read it again. Still, it's a good one to have under my belt.

I am not ready for this cold weather. Mainly because of the shoes. I hate having to give up flip flops.

Last winter I finally embraced skinny jeans. This year I am throwing leggings into the mix. They are as comfortable as sweats but a whole lot cuter -- quite a nice combination. But I need some longer shirts before I can jump in whole-hog, because let's be honest. I'm not 17.

October's almost over and instead of feeling burned out by daily blogging I'm actually still enjoying it. Which may be more than you can say, especially when I present you with posts like this one! Maybe I really will sign on for November. Not the novel-writing version, though. That is most definitely not in the cards.

I have got to buy some Halloween candy tomorrow. I have a feeling we might have a pretty big crowd of trick-or-treaters in this neighborhood, and I'm thinking they might show up tomorrow, Sunday and Monday. I do have a bunch of apples that need to be eaten, but I don't want to be that mom.

I hear kids. Happy Friday!

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Kylie said...

What?! Girl you can rock the leggings easy.