Sunday, October 16, 2011

People I love

We had a fantastic time with our college friends last night. I have got to figure out a way to refer to this group. Years ago they were simply "Matt's guys," but now all of those guys have wives who have become dear friends as well, not to mention 13 kids (and counting) among the bunch of us. "Matt's guys" doesn't cover it anymore.

We started off outside in the afternoon and the weather was so perfect that we never moved inside, just popped in as needed for food and drinks and bathroom breaks. The fenced-in portion of our back yard was perfect for the group; we spread out blankets for the smaller kids and let the big kids run themselves ragged, while the adults talked over and around them.

You know I love it when friends don't rush off, and this group never does; we talked and the kids played until the sky was full of stars and kids were crashing left and right and we had to call it a night.

I am so thankful for lifetime friends like these. I love you all!


Ken Loyd said...

Sounds like HEAVEN! And, wow, it got up to 13 kids in a hurry, didn't it?

Jennifer Kirby said...

Yes! All 13 are 5 and under (although only 10, 4 and under, were able to come Saturday).

Sallie said...

Great post, Jenn, and yes your house was incredibly clean. I was very impressed. Especially since you just moved in there somewhat recently, right? I don't know how you do it! It was a perfect backyard evening, I'm thankful for our friendships, too!!