Saturday, October 15, 2011


One week, three unpleasant surprises:

1. A $150 water bill. That's about four times our average monthly water bill, so clearly something's wrong. Two of our toilets have a tendency to run, but we're aware of that and try to stay on top of them, although I'm sure there are times we miss. Could that possibly explain a $150 water bill? Matt and the water company have checked the meter and there doesn't appear to be a leak. And nothing about our usage habits has changed. Any suggestions?

2. My life insurance policy expired -- two months ago. Thankfully, I did not die in that time. Apparently I forgot to call and give the company our new address when we moved, so I never got the renewal notice and bill. But yesterday an expiration notice did get forwarded to us and I was able to reinstate the policy without extra fees or hassle.

3. We have been drinking decaf coffee all week! I never would have known the difference except Matt happened to read the label. This was an unpleasant discovery because now that I know, I have a mental block against feeling rejuvenated by it. The good news is that except for a cup of half-caf at small group and a sweet tea one day for lunch, I have been caffeine-free this week. That's nice, but I did make a special trip out this morning to stock up on the "real" kind.

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