Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things I'm loving lately (Part 2)

1. Craigslist. Until a couple of weeks ago, when what free time I had went up in smoke (see No. 4), I spent some fun hours rediscovering Craigslist. We bought only one thing (this rug, at a fraction of what it would have cost new), but it's definitely going to be the first place I look next time I want something that I can't justify paying full price for.

2. Netflix streaming. Since we don't have cable in this house -- we're getting it next week, for football season -- we have been blazing through some documentaries. I cannot believe how many good ones are out there. North Korea, public education, the vaccination debate, New York City preschools, America's oil dependence, for-profit colleges, solitary confinement, Vogue's September issue, famous advertising campaigns, overmedicated children, crazy Christians and more ... I can't get enough!

3. Time for $2. Thanks to Amanda and her frugal blog, we're subscribing to Time magazine for $2 per year and Newsweek for free. I'm not crazy about Newsweek, but the Time deal is pretty fantastic.

4. Working. I've picked up another magazine, one I really like, to copy edit and occasionally write for. I just finished editing a book for the first time, which was very different from anything else I've done, but I enjoyed it. And Doug Gray, the lead singer of the Marshall Tucker Band, sent me a thank-you note for the recent article I wrote about them. The man performs something like 200 concerts a year and he took the time for a handwritten card. I put it on our fridge.

5. Sewing group. Some women at church have formed a sewing group. Those who already know how to sew can enjoy the company while they work on their own projects, and those who don't know how to turn on their machine (hi) can learn. This is something I love only in theory so far, since something has come up four straight Tuesday nights to keep me from going. But I do have a borrowed machine, thanks to Amy (whose blog name is sadly appropriate), and have high hopes that next week I'll be there.

6. Farmers market flowers. They are absolutely gorgeous. They last more than a week. And they cost $5 per bunch. What's not to love? Most Mondays afternoons, Claire and Evan and I walk to the farmers market at the gym and load up. (The flower lady was featured in The Pilot recently -- click here.)


Amanda said...

Ever since the one Monday we worked out at 4:00, and then proceeded to eat smores brownies and granola purchased at the farmers market, Brianna always looks to that parking lot and says, "Farmers?" as we're leaving the gym. Now that we have Kindermusik we can't ever get there! So sad. At least there are other farmers markets, but unfortunately I cannot ever seem to make it to them.

Anonymous said...

Ooo, what are you planning to sew?

Jason said...

I am really sad to miss out on the sewing group also. My Mom bought me a brand new sewing machine and I don't know how to sew (well I can sew a button) or use a sewing machine, bummer! I hope you get a chance to go. I too wish Amy would blog more, haha!

Weeks said...

Is the sewing group exclusive to your church? I have a machine that I know nothing about and would love to figure it out! :-)