Thursday, September 8, 2011

School days

Preschool started this week, for both kids. Three hours, three mornings a week, during which I can edit a few stories, schedule a couple of showings, get an oil change, find out I'm overdue for an inspection, get an inspection, go to the DMV for a new license plate sticker, update my fantasy football roster, catch up on email, clean my car, and have coffee and free Chick-fil-A with Matt. At least, that's what I did today.

The difference between Claire's first day at Mom's Morning Out, a year ago, and her first day at preschool, yesterday? Drastic. Seriously. Both times I got a little teary when I walked out. Last year it was because she was screaming for me not to leave. Yesterday it was because she appeared not to notice that I was leaving.

Evan, naturally, was fine too. He had his teachers charmed in about 1.5 seconds. His class schedule consists of playing, eating and taking a long walk around downtown. The sidewalk in front of our office is part of their route, and I happened to be there when they walked past yesterday and today.

Claire's class is more structured, of course. There are set times for art, music, storytime, outdoor time and even Spanish, plus plenty of free play. Her teachers are awesome and she's already talking about her new friends by name. Because of her July birthday, she's the youngest one in her class, but she fits in fine. What a difference a year makes.


Anonymous said...

You did all of that in three hours?! I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

I too am impressed with your morning's accomplishments. We should get coffee one morning now that MMO has begun. We're Mon. and Wed. I saw Evan's little group walking the other day! My neighbor was pushing one of the strollers.

Jason said...

Who is Claire's teacher? Miss Kelly?