Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm a Tar Heel born ...

Carolina-Duke game night! These are always fun times in the Kirby household. Luckily for Matt, I'm a lazy fan. I always make sure Claire wears her "Beat Duke" pin on game days, but that's mostly to get under Matt's skin. I do love to beat the pretty boys, even though it puts Matt in a funk. He'll be over it by tomorrow. Go Heels!

Our house looks like a war zone right now. It's been getting progressively worse for the past few days. Evan's still pretty harmless in this regard, but with the Claire, a little mess can spiral out of control quickly. Clothes, toys, miscellaneous contents of drawers and cabinets ... Last night we didn't get in until late, and then this morning I was out of the house by about 7:15 for the ShamRock 'N' Roll (benefiting our favorite school, Sandhills Farm Life). As soon as it was over we met up with Matt's cousins and their kids, and when we got home from that all four of us crashed for almost two hours.

My point is I didn't have any free time to clean up today. So naturally, we got a dreaded "driveway call" about 15 minutes after family naptime -- an agent calling from our driveway. Fortunately, these buyers were content to wander around our back yard and supposedly will make an appointment to see the inside next weekend.

I had no idea what to expect with the race this morning, since I'm pretty sure I haven't run a race since Claire was born. After lots of deliberating I decided to leave both kids at home with Matt (thanks, babe!) and just run it as hard as I could. I was pleasantly surprised to find that running without pushing two babies, one of whom usually insists on conversing with me the entire way, I felt practically buoyant. Most of it was probably mental. I ran the 5K in 22:12, for a 7:10 pace, which is one of my best times in the past few years. Mainly it made me feel relieved, like even though running with the double-stroller is very hard and not getting any easier, it's not because I'm in terrible shape.

Amanda ran the 5K too and you can read her account here but she did awesome! Especially considering her back story -- except for last-minute training this week, she hadn't run three miles at once in the past six years. Then she showed up and ran the whole thing without walking, placed 8th in her age group, and five minutes after the race said she felt like running it again. I'm so proud of you, chica-rica!

I have a strange bad habit of hassling friends to start blogs (see links at top right) and hooray, a couple more have succumbed! Amy is blogging here, Katie's blogging here and Meg remains underlineless but not for long. Sonya, beware, I'm going to start nagging you next.


Ally said...

What an awesome pace!! Congrats

Sonya said...

That's funny Jenn because I've been considering writing one, but figured my life was too boring. Ha:) At least I know you'll read it, right?

Kaitlin said...

You are amazing!!! Great pace. I'm so proud of you! Can't wait to run together this weekend. =)