Monday, March 21, 2011


Almost every morning one of the first things Matt and I do is promise to go to bed earlier that night. And every night things come up and we fail. I don't know why we aren't in bed right now, but since we aren't, here I am.

Life lately has been busy but good. The Friday before last I got to hang out with Kate, who was in town for a wedding. It was awesome to see her! She moved to Vermont the month before Claire was born so she had never met either kid and I'm so glad she finally got to. However, selfishly, I have to say that my favorite part of her visit was the long run we took. Matt came home from work a little early so we could go without a stroller, and it was fantastic. I think we ran almost 8 fast miles, but it felt easy because I was so distracted by our conversation. I miss you, Kate!
Evan got baptized on Sunday the 20th and that kicked off an insanely busy week. I spent an absurd amount of time with an out-of-town real estate client while Claire and Evan got shuffled among everyone we know. Claire must have thought she was really living right to score all those "playdates," sometimes several in one day.

Thursday night Matt left for the annual beach trip with his college guys, and the next morning the kids and I headed to Sallie's house for a big slumber party with five of the wives and our combined 10 kids. Sallie's house is probably like Disneyworld to Claire, with all those friends, a million new-to-her toys, a big fenced-in back yard and (best of all) a trampoline.

Friday was gorgeous and the kids wore themselves out running around. Claire and Evan crashed first, before 7, which was fine with me! The other kids soon followed and then we stayed up late talking. This girl time while the guys are at the beach is becoming a tradition and that makes me very happy.

Saturday Claire and Evan and I headed out before lunch so I could make it to a surprise birthday party for Amy. Ben had reserved Eye Candy Gallery in downtown Southern Pines for two hours, Jax made a scrumptious chocolate-and-caramel cake and the wine was flowing. (I got accidental early notice that Libba is pregnant because she accepted a glass of wine without thinking and realized as she was standing beside me that she couldn't drink it. Congratulations, Libba!)

Ben had gotten a local artist to sketch a sort of paint-by-number portrait of Amy on a canvas, and all of us helped fill it in with paint. The final effect was really neat, easily recognizable as Amy with an Andy Warhol vibe, and I'm mad I didn't get a picture -- but do I ever?

Later that afternoon we went over to Meg and Drew's for Charli's first birthday party, already! Matt got back into town while we were there so he met us there. I was really happy to have him back. I'm not very brave about single parenting. That's why I try to fill every minute when he's gone.

I unexpectedly had to spend most of today with my buyer before he flew out tonight, but over lunch I got to interview Doug Gray of the Marshall Tucker Band for an article. He was a trip. Then after my buyer left town I spent a stupid amount of time in Walmart with the kids. Fortunately they like shopping, especially if I can be persuaded break open the Fruit Loops prematurely.

I do hate Walmart but their new coupon policy worked quite well for me today. I made overage money on six bottles of Similac and six packs of Gain dryer sheets. This trip allowed me to cook an actual dinner tonight. I am beyond embarrassed to admit how many times we ordered pizza for dinner last week, but it was more than two and less than four. Something had to give last week and it was home-cooked food, as usual.

My only plan for the rest of the week is to soak up time with these babies before Matt and I head to New York with Jacob and Carrie and Stephen and Kara on Friday. Woohoo!

There's more stuff I'm forgetting ... Happy birthday to Dad! (also on Saturday) ... Jax is organizing a book club and I am really, really excited about it ... Claire thinks pins are called "Beat Duke" ... I filled out my March Madness bracket but forgot to select a champion ... Evan is sleeping better and better at night ... I need to make time to blog more often.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear what you've been up to. I totally understand the "busy but good" mode that results in less frequent blogging. :)

Libba said...

haha! thanks for the congrats and for being there for me to talk to. we wanted to tell people until after our parents knew, but i was just standing there feeling so silly for accepting the wine. then our eyes met and i just HAD to tell you! thanks for being so excited for me; that was awesome. you guys have been busy and i can't wait to hear about your trip. way to go evan!

Kaitlin said...

I miss you!! Meeting those kiddos, hanging out, and running with you was amazing. I can't tell you how happy it made me. And little Evan snoozing in my arms just melted my heart. Such a sweetie!