Monday, October 25, 2010

MMO love

One of the great happinesses of my life lately is that Claire is more or less over her separation anxiety. She's still likely to throw a fit if a random stranger tries to get up close and personal when she's in the wrong mood, but Mom's Morning Out has worked some serious magic. She actually squirms out of my arms and runs off to play before I can even say goodbye most days, and it is the best feeling ever.

Church nursery is still somewhat hit or miss, but she has more good days than bad days, and it's been many months since we got called out of either Sunday school or worship because she was just inconsolable.

Every week the MMO teacher sends out an email with pictures and details about what the kids did and learned. Here are some pictures from those updates. (Riley's in a few of them too -- the cutie in the orange shirt.)

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Amanda said...

That is awesome! I love that she sends out pictures!