Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Subs, etc.

The first time I tried Quiznos I ordered an untoasted veggie sub. It was awful so I have been walking around for the past three or four years thinking I hate Quiznos. A couple of weeks ago Matt and Stephen pretty much forced me to try it again and this time I got a toasted Italian sub and it was incredible! I am a convert. I think we've been three times in the past two weeks.

As fast food goes, it's pretty pricey normally, but there is a great coupon floating around for a regular sub, chips and drink for $5. I had one coupon from Mom but after I used it we found the same deal at Love it!

I also love, which posts discount codes and coupons for a ton of stores and restaurants. For example, when we made books for Riley and Bri for Christmas last year at Shutterfly, we checked before ordering and got a code for free shipping as well as something like 40 percent off the total order. Check it out.

Matt had a great time camping last weekend and I didn't go into labor while he was deep in the Uwharrie Mountains and out of cell phone range, so that's good. I accidentally stayed up until 2 a.m. both nights, which I paid for when Claire woke up five hours later both times, but it was worth it to finish two more stories.

I keep saying I'm almost done with pre-baby writing, but I finally mean it. I have only one more to write before he's born, and it will be an easy and fun one, about Amy's great cupcake-catering business. Matt has flag football tonight so I'm going to try to get it done while he's there and Claire's asleep.

I'm excited for possibly a couple of weeks to kind of take it easy before Evan's born. I have several good library books I've been waiting to start, and there's always more deep-cleaning and touch-painting to be done around the house, and more coupon-clipping than I will ever catch up on, and with any luck I might even start napping while Claire naps occasionally.

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Amanda said...

I think you can also get coupons for being on their (Quizno's) email list; I know I've gotten several that way. I'll pass them to you because I've had too many bad experiences and don't believe I'll be converted.