Monday, October 25, 2010

Claire's taking a long nap, so ...

Two posts in one day, what? This is what happens when you go on "maternity leave" (the work-at-home-mom version) because surely you're about to have a baby -- and then the baby procrastinates.

So, let's see. This weekend was so great. Thanks to Ron, Matt and I got to go out without Claire on Friday AND Sunday nights. Friday night Stephen had people over for a cookout and a big campfire with drinks (I had O'Doul's for the first time -- not bad), s'mores, and lots of experimenting with different materials in the fire. Lots of pyromaniacs with a buzz. It was a really fun night. I don't think there's much better than literally uncontrollable laughter. Saturday we had planned to go to Raleigh to return some stuff, poke around the mall, eat at Remington Grill and just get out of the house, but we weren't really in the mood to drive so instead we stuck around home. Yesterday, after church and chili and football, Matt and I went on weekend date night No. 2. Many thanks to Ron -- even though his fun was cut short by Claire crashing at 6:30 p.m. It is so nice to be out by ourselves sometimes.

Great news -- my fantasy football team finally won a game this week! I have avoided writing about my fantasy team this season because it is just depressing. Only Matt truly understands. I have a fantastic team -- my only weak spot is tight end, which hardly matters -- but almost unbelievable bad luck with matchups. As of last week (because this week's results aren't final until after Monday Night Football), I was 0-6, dead last, bottom of the heap. But I only had three fewer points than the guy in second place with a 5-1 record. It is quite discouraging. Anyway, at least my losing streak is broken now. Gooo, Adrenaline!

Last week Matt was so sick with what seemed like the flu, but wasn't because it lasted only one day, that he stayed home from work for the first time I can remember. All night the night it hit him he was feverish and back and forth from sweats to chills. And he had a splitting headache for basically 24 hours. All day the three of us just camped out at home and except for Matt's utter misery, it was a nice change of pace. We read about a million books and ate popsicles and stayed in our pajamas and didn't leave the house. It felt like a snow day.

I got my flu shot the next day. I had been meaning to anyway. Claire got hers a few weeks ago. Matt is still unprotected.

Also last week I got my hair cut pretty short (too short for a ponytail) and highlighted. I'm really glad I got that out of the way before Evan's birth. I like this length, I just wish I knew how to style it. But realistically, the bigger problem is that I'm lazy. Also, I don't like the feel of products (mousse, hairspray, etc.) in my hair. So my hair will always look just good enough. It's a price I'm willing to pay.

I finally broke down and bought a few of my favorite parenting/child-development books. I kept renewing them at the library or borrowing them from friends and finally it was obvious they were resources I would continue returning to. Also, I wanted to be able to underline the really good parts. :)

I think most pop-psychology books are stupid, whether they're about relationships or raising children or living your best life now or whatever. I've given many parenting books a chance but only finished the handful that I didn't think were completely ridiculous and based on the author's opinion/agenda/personal experience. By far, my two favorites are "The First Three Years of Life" by Burton White and "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Marc Weissbluth. Excellent books. Many thanks to the friends who recommended them!

This is way long. I should go clean the shower or something.

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