Sunday, November 29, 2009

Winding down

I'm glad we had such a great and fun-filled stretch of days for celebrating Thanksgiving, but I wish we could have one more day off just for relaxing. Greedy, I know, especially since I don't have an actual job to go to tomorrow. And since we're tentatively planning to go to the beach this weekend for Matt's birthday. Not to mention the fact that I have two girls' nights (without Claire) to look forward to between now and then.

Good Lord, disregard the second half of that first sentence. I've got it easy.

Claire's passport arrived a couple of days ago, which I thought was incredibly fast. I did pay for expedited service, because when I applied I thought we might be going out of the country the week after Christmas (now it looks more like late January, if we go) and the normal processing time was supposed to be four to six weeks. I thought it was worth $60 extra to not risk her passport not getting here in time for the trip.

It turned out to be only, what, 10 days from the day I mailed the application to the day the passport arrived -- and would have been even faster if not for Thanksgiving. How often does the government exceed your expectations?

Tomorrow we'll send off Matt's Mimi's passport renewal application -- she has never flown, but has agreed to go with us if we go. It will be pretty cool to have four generations together in the Turks.

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