Saturday, November 28, 2009


We're back from a great time in Greensboro/Pleasant Garden. Claire was remarkably good pretty much the whole time -- lots of smiles, no tantrums, hardly even any fussing, despite an out-of-whack sleeping schedule and unconventional sleeping arrangements. She was friendly and fascinated with everyone she met, adults, kids and dogs alike, and once we put her to bed last night (on a quilt on a closet floor) she didn't wake up even to eat until this morning. Granted, it was hours past her usual bedtime, but I was surprised she went down without a whimper in an unfamiliar place.

I never take baths but this morning I did and it was so relaxing! Matt and I have a big bathtub that we've used just once -- the first night we spent in this house. Baths are a nice idea but they're so much less efficient than showers, and I can't linger long before I start to get cold and bored. Today's was nice, though -- Matt was handling Claire, so I didn't have to rush through it, and the water was super-hot and I used some great-smelling body wash of Sallie's.

Todd and Rhonda met us for lunch and then we all went back to Sallie and Steven's to watch the State-Carolina football game. We also stuffed ourselves with incredible homemade pumpkin, blueberry and apple pies and brownies, all of which Todd's mom insisted on sending to Sallie and Steven's last night.

Carolina lost by one point, but I wasn't really paying any attention at all, and the guys were beside themselves with excitement, so it was hard to even act upset. I know that makes me a bad fan, but I don't care about college football unless I'm at the game, which I never am. I did try to make Sadie say "Go Tar Heels!" but she's already been indoctrinated by Steven and would cheer only for the Wolfpack. Oh, well.

College basketball is another story. I can't wait to teach Claire "Hark the Sound" and to pin a "Beat Duke"button on her.

P.S. Matt and I ended up with ALL of the famous pasta leftovers! I protested, but Todd's mom told me, and I quote, "Oh, shut up. I can make Todd more at Christmas. Stop it! Go get me a container from the pantry. One of the big ones." Then she instructed me to hide it where Todd wouldn't notice it -- which I did. Sorry, Todd.

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