Monday, November 30, 2009


For the first time in two years I actually achieved a solid month of blog posts. Maybe "achieved" is too strong a word. But I'm done with NaBloPoMo.

The December theme is "mitzvah" and you're supposed to give something to someone every day and then blog about it. I kind of like this idea, so while I'm not going to commit to another whole month of 11th-hour blogging, it might get some play.

Today was mostly mundane (oil change, grocery store, post office, RiteAid for rebate goodies) but one great part was Amanda and I got to introduce our babies to Rachel and her kids. (I don't have any pictures but Dad took some and you can click here to see them.) A month or so ago we did the same thing with Grace and Sally and their babes, so that's three out of four Taylor girls ... now we just need to get Jane caught up! A visit with Rachel is a rare treat so we were really glad it worked out to see them before they headed back to Utah.

At the end of the day Matt and I went to CrossFit and let's just say neither of us is walking normally now. If it's this bad after five hours, I don't want to think about two days from now. I'm glad we're doing it, though -- it feels good to be climbing ropes and making sure I know where the puke bucket is again.

Hooray for December! Don't forget to say "rabbit" first thing tomorrow.

P.S. If you're not doing RiteAid rebates, I HIGHLY encourage you to start! It's way, way less trouble than triple coupons and you don't even have to use coupons to get good deals (though the deals are better if you do). It takes 10 seconds to enter your receipt online when you get home, and at the end of the month you get a big check (sometimes, like right now with their holiday savings program, two checks).

In less than three months of doing RiteAid rebates, I already have more toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, lotion, shampoo, mouthwash, cold medicine, tampons, chapstick, etc. than I know what to do with -- and it was all free or almost free. If you are capable of reading this blog, you can never again pay for toothpaste. Click here. (And if you do get hooked, consider donating your excess to Fed By Faith or a similar charity!)


Amanda said...

Yay for the end of November posting! I never got the email about what December was going to be for some reason. It sounds like something I might try too if I can find the info on the NaBloPoMo website.

Nice ad for Rite Aid rebates and FBF and other charities. Thanks!!

Melody Jones said...

LOL... you don't have a CVS up in Pinehurst do you? I don't remember ever seeing it, but if they did have one, you and Amanda would be in FREE STUFF heaven! :) They give you basically an instant rebate in the form of CVS money that you can use to buy other stuff or just keep rolling it on more free stuff! Keep up the good work! Free toothpaste is good!

Tracey Garner said...

Not taking on the Dec challenge, but I did take cookies to all the business' that go the extra mile for us during the year. I did mention it in my blog, so maybe techinally I am participating. lol

Kaitlin said...

hoooray! good job!