Saturday, November 14, 2009


The third try was the charm -- our long-awaited visit from Maegan, Emma and baby Gracie was yesterday! The Hemphill girls powered through both high water and a little bit of hell to come, and Claire and I were so glad. A whole day of hanging out with one of my favorites was fantastic, especially after almost a week of miserable don't-leave-the-house weather. Friends are essential to sanity!

Claire was too keyed up to sleep very well while they were here, but once they left, she went down for a "nap" (at 4:30 p.m.) that ended at 8 this morning. She did wake up a couple of times to eat. It seems she may have been worn out.

Today we went over to Matt's Gran and Gramps' for an annual get-together (I would call it a reunion but it's more fun than that sounds -- no weird relatives, only the normal ones) with Matt's cousins and their kids. Two years ago, there was just one baby in the mix. Now there are six, with another on the way. It was wonderfully cacophonous, if that's not contradictory. I swear, ever since July 2, there is nothing I appreciate more than hearing other people's kids scream. "Hey! Someone's having a meltdown, and it's not my problem!"

No photographic evidence of any of this week's good times! Aagh ...

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