Monday, November 2, 2009

The big 4 mo.

Happy four-month birthday to Claire! I am feeling much better today than I did on July 2, thank you God. She possibly rolled over for the first time today, but I'm not sure whether it counts because she started in a position that made it really easy -- it was basically just momentum. Still, she did roll over and it scared her, very cute. Gooo Claire!

I have been worse than even I expected to be about documenting her life, via pictures and otherwise. I keep thinking I should write a letter or something predicting what she'll be like when she gets older.

She definitely has a distinctive personality and I love it. She's talkative and intent, alert and observant, smiley and snuggly, stubborn and persistent, pretty and drooly.

She fights naps like it's her job but sleeps like a rock once she's down. She loves being outside and being read to and standing up (the strength is all hers, but she needs help with balance) and watching perfectly sane adults act like fools for her entertainment.

We're pretty crazy about this lovely little lady.


Ken Loyd said...

I love the whole post, but especially the pictures and the paragraph of adjectives.

Kaitlin said...

I agree with your dad. I just love Claire - what cute cheeks!

Amanda said...

This makes me want to see her again! Please let me know if you ever need a babysitter! I want to eat her up!