Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ribbit ribbit

I just read Amanda's blog and was reminded that I have to blog today and for the next straight 29 days (or more) thanks to NaBloPoMo. I'm not feeling very inspired at the moment, so will be lazy with some quick hits:

- Kaleigh, Melissa's daughter, spent the night with us Thursday since school was out on Friday. It's amazing how much she, an 8-year-old, was able to help with Claire -- she gave her bottles, carried her everywhere, and entertained her while I straightened up for our first house showing. She probably could have changed diapers but I didn't make her (she was supposed to be a guest!). Kaleigh has a special spark just like her mama. We love her to death.

- Yesterday was a great, relaxing day, starting with two big pots of coffee and ending with a week's worth of DVR'd TV ("Mad Men," "Flash Forward" and the NBC Thursday nighters). Lovely.

- Claire did not dress up, but she did wear her Halloween onesie from her Nana and Papa Dan and her pumpkin slippers from Joy. Very cute. We had the most trick-or-treaters ever, but still had some good candy leftover. :)

- Matt definitely explained the double-slit experiment to me off the top of his head last night after it was mentioned in "Flash Forward." Besides being very smart, he is great at breaking down complicated concepts. And by the way, that experiment gave me the chills. What the ???

- Our church nursery has been transformed in recent months and we finally have an infant nursery where I'm comfortable leaving Claire. Very, very thankful for that. Claire's usually fine to keep with us during church, but especially now that she's "talking" and making various experimental noises all the time, it's nice not to worry about whether she's distracting other people.

That is all. More tomorrow.

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